fredag 17. mai 2013

The Norwegian nationalday! hipp hipp

Today it`t 17. may, and norwegian nationalday or maybe we should call it independence day??
I don`t really know - so I decided to spend this day alone, to celebrate the freedom and independence of my self!
So what do you do when you have one hole day, just by yourself, when everybody else (I mean the rest of norway) is walking parades, with flags and nice dresses. Eating icecream and sausages, running with a potato in a spoon and wishing eachother "happy birthday"?

I took my weapons outside, got dressed like a bee while drinking a cup of redwine. I turned up the music, made myself a really tasty smoothie with all the power you need in one day, and I started digging. In between the digging and hard working sweathing joyfull carrying rocks and shit - I was inside drawing on my new picture, playing guitar and made a cake (raw)!
Then I went for a walk, suddenly finding out that it was warm enough to take off the shoes and spread the toes! and on my way down (it`s steeper than you can imagine where I live) I found, finally, nettles. you know (or maybe not?) those small powerplants that cleanses your blood and burn your skin? mmm and a soup there will be!
So I got warm from climbing those hills, and digging - and I realized that the ice was getting smaller on the lake - and then, what is better than swimming? Everything, you may be thinking? Me too - but it`s something about that, letting your body dive into cold water! You actually feel alive, new, strong and..... cold! Try - you really should!

When I later on sat outside my house, watching the coming, new garden - dreaming my head away, expanding my dreams and listening to the birds singing - I felt so good! And I was happy be out in nature - thats where I belong. probably where everybody belongs - some may just have forgotten about it. Do you know the feeling, when your heart kind of starts singing? - not really with sounds, but with joy? - That feeling....... you have when you see the most amazing sunset ever, when you catch a perfect wave with your surfboard, when riding down a mountain covered with fluffy powdersnow, skiing or snowboarding, when you eat the best food you ever tastet, like an explosion of different tastes - simply when you find your perfect line!

When you open up, to realize that we live in a magical world, when you start to belive in it - when you see it, hear it, feel it. The day you look at yourself in the mirror - and what you see is a magician who can create whatever you wish! Hahaha on that day, you gonna sing and dance and jump up and down at the same time!

So - be it, see it, feel it, hear it - simply just create your life!

A song, sing sung sang - I am the spring!

May this be your weapon

 I tried to dress like a bee, and use my weapon with care (for the worms) I just don`t need the grass there - I want herbs and veggies!

Finally some wild herbs! Nettle - one of my favorites. It cleanses your blood, it`s super alkalizing and tastes good too! I have them in my window, but theese small ones are really full of lifeforce!

I`m gonna make a soup! but watch out, they bite - don`t worry, cause it`` s good for your bloodsirkulation.

Walking barefoot helps you to ground yourself and become one with nature! So if you want to - walk barefeet and feeeel the ground!

The ice is getting smaller, you can see it in the background.  It`s been a while since I last took a swim. Or you could maybe not call it a swim, cause I was exactly 10 sec. under water! Freezzzzzing, but you feel ALIVE!

Arts and cakes - and now I`ve been eating too much cake. Raw, real and natural. No suger, no heat -  no meat!

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