mandag 27. juni 2011

Ekstremsportsveko day one!

Horgi ned - a competition that was ment to be a triathlon, but becase of the snowmelting the last week, they had to skip the ski part.

This year only downhillbiking and kayaking.

Some did both, biking and kayaking

And there were teams of two persons, one did the downhill, and the other one did the kayaking

I was just watching the show, but it was hard to find out where to watch. Luckily you can always see todays video in the festiavaltent at 9 PM every evening!

Dirty TC did the downhill! The slope was quite wet and difficult, and Benjamin Hjort, his teammate did the kayaking. They won! Sweeeeet! :)

Someone is more into the musicpart. they`re kind of ekstreem too.... dedicated or ekstreemly dedicated. Frode and Chris!

In the afternoon we had a traditional meal; Smalahove. My cousin Ann Helen tried first time. Ann was stoked, and even ate the eye! Her boyfriend wasn`t convinced???

Cato has done this for many years now, but surprisingly he didn`t wont another head. Said he was full but.....

Ivar Løne is instructing Ann, how to find the eyemeat, and eat it! Delicious ;)

Normally I don`t eat meat that much. Only when I have to. I would probably not be able to eat again in a couple of days....... Brother Chris was eating the sheeps head for his first time tooo!
Ann, Mick and Ivar! Ivar could remind you a bit of Ann`s dad, or Peer as he likes to be called! Same style kind of....

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