tirsdag 28. juni 2011

Day two at the ekstreem(weather)sportfestival

 Tuesday and time for freeridecompetition at Vikafjellet. The nature in Voss are wild at beautiful right now. As we drove up to Vikafjellet, it started raining. Just like the skies opened up, and let all the water down at the same time. I was really tired and not stoked on hiking and getting soaking wet. But ready to compete! And after a coffee - good mood!

 The snowline is so high up, that you can hardly see it from the road. Wich means half an hour hike, just to reach the snow!
 Putting on as much plastic as possible. Ready to hit the water. Couldn`t bring my camera up there for some wet reasons.
 kjersti is ready for take off. Happy as usual, and I don`t know how she always seems to be superawake in the morning!
 This picture is taken after they decided to cancell the comp. We hiked 30 minutes and waited for 1 hous up there. it was wet, but a prizeless situation. As you can see in the picture above; the river is floating over, so they were afraid that the hole bridge would break down. And because of the safety for the comp. they cancelled. In case someone is hurt, they wont be able to get people to the ambulance. And we all would be prettymuch stuck if the bridge broke down!
People are watching the river. It was quite fascinating! Actually I think is exciting when the nature takes over for a while!

 On our way back, we stopped by Tvindefossen. I have never ever in my life seen it that huge. Like a thunderstorm. Massive and amazing.
Magic moment on our way back. Had an relaxing afternoon when I got home. Nice to take a break in between! Tonight it is Fri Flyt Beenie boogie party in the festivaltent. It`s gonna be FUn! Tomorrow I doing a job. I was supposed to join a raftingcomp, but since time is tight, it wont happen. Time for OneCall Challenge in Prestegardsmoen! :)

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