mandag 2. mai 2011

From sunset to sunrise

Family dinner at paparazzi, watching SUNSET!
He doesn`t normally drink coffee, so why not go for espresso? Yeah, you definetly the energyboost.... not.
Sunset in beer or beer in the sunset???
Brygga i Tønsberg
Stoked as normal
The mother and the son
Kent, writing the book of love!
Kristina is always around when it`s happening, and she talks more than me and my brother together. How come??

Checkout Damien dub. His got a good sense of humor and having his first gig this evening!
Well done Damien!
At Baku. Love is in the air???!!!!
Kristian playing in the early hours. Happy guy in the background, still smiling!
4 guys, one name - welcome to the chrisshow!
Still dancing, still happy, still awake - Is it possible to store bodyenergy and use for electrisity?
Sunrise over Tønsberg city! good morning :) I`m going to have a sleep now!

I`m not a big fan blogging parties, but this one was my brothers 25th - started with (as you probably already know, I`m addicted to it) a fantastic sunset, and it ended with the sunrise, still dancing 7.30 in the morning!
Since my parents are married for the second time, it doesn`t happen very often that we are all out for dinner, but this time yeah! We had a really good time I think, eating at a new restaurant called paparazzi in Tønsberg. I love my hometown when it comes to spring and summer, and I didn`t know that the sunsets could be sooo nice down there!

After dinner we went for another drink, and met my Cousin Julie and her boyfriend Aadne. They joined us for a while. Then the old folks went home, and the youngsters went for a party at Baku, to see Damien do his first gig. He did a great job, and everybody was happy.
On my way to the afterparty at Psykebakken, I got into some sort of fight. I didn`t fight, but tried to rescue a girl from being beaten up, since the police didn`t care.
Afterparty was a blast - I had a really good time (as always i guess). See you next time partyfriends :)

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