mandag 25. april 2011

Gangsta`skate in TBG

Skateboarding on a sunny day in Tønsberg, my hometown. First of all it`s weird to be the only "girl" in the skatepark, specially amongst kids, cause they are so curious and ask you lots of questions all the time. And then, when they got to know you a little, they want to show off their skills, and then they want to teach you! perfect :)
I went there to meet Mads, my old friend. Haven`t seen him in a while! I was feeling kind of rusty, so I had to spend the time on being confident again.

Cops were passing by. Just sitting in the car, watching the kids. Why didn`t they go out to talk to the kids instead of showing off like that? Sorry, but I don`t like that kind of attitude, and that`s why I can`t respect you copguys.

In the end of the skatesession, we were surrounded by kids trying to ollie over two or three skateboards. it is possible - we can all be friends! Haha

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