mandag 2. mai 2011

To watch it grow - spring is in the air!

Plant a seed and watch it grow. This is fun!

Time runs too fast. Couple of weeks ago, we planted lots of veggies and herbs. Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, thym, basil and peas! Spring is here, it`s getting more and more green every day, and the snow is melting real quick. I mean, spring is a good season, but i can`t believe that the winter has passed.... Too fast. I love snow, I love snowboarding and I love powder. Luckily we have folgefonna and summeskiing only 2 hours away. My feet are happy to get out of the snowboardboots, but the rest of my body wants to shred.

The seeds needs plenty of water and sun!
Carrots and tomatoes
Shopping at felleskjøpet
Neighbourhood - it`s getting green!
Tvindefossen is flowing over this year!

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