onsdag 12. februar 2014

I am free

Yesterday, after I decided to move outside, I mean sleep outside; the words came back to me, and I wrote this little text:

Come to me, come and see
I am free - infinity

I can fly, through the sky
past the lie
Cause I am high

Come to see, You and me
illusion free

My passion is to show the way
But some of you, as I told you may
be shocked to see
the painful truth
Then, I beg you to remember your youth

Remember who you truly are
You are a star
forget your scar
Because it is not far....

We are going home
And you are not alone
Even if the road seems long
to us you belong

We are all amazing and
full of love
we grow, we glow we show
you the true meaning of life -
please put down your knife

The war is over
and as we take a shower
to clean, to heal and renew
get rid of the flu
that held us down for so long

we are strong!

Lets sing our song.......!

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