torsdag 11. april 2013

Welcome home!

I wanted to show you how I live and what I do in my everydaylife!
Please enter my world!

The spring is here, and I just startet on the seasons project! Lots of seeds are growing into living food this year! More than ever. The greatest pleasure of them all - to watch it grow :)

I was so happy the other day as I found one of my favorite products of last year in the freezer! pesto made from nettle!

As you might have understood, one of my favorite things in life is food! I love food - and if you are one of those who think it`` spoorly to be a vegetarian - welcome to my kitchen! I make medical food, medical candy! BEcause my food is my medicine! :)

Some adds and natural medicines - working on my diabetes 1 - and I``m sure I one day will be able to live without insulin!

Fridge! Lots of vegetables, oils and pesto!

Apple, cale, ginger, turmeric, chili, carrots, sweet potato, peppers and so on.... all organic!

I normally buy 5 liters of olive oil - so I can make pesto, sallads and all I need, all the time!

Herbs and spices - the most important ingredients in a kitchen!

What do you want for dinner?

This coffee is just amazing. I don`` t drink bad coffee anymore - not after tasting this! :) Ahhh morningtime, coffee mmm

Hazelnutmilk - homemade with vanillapowder, and agave!

Bread in the making - cripy ones!

With all kind of herbs from last years season! It`` s really tasty, I can tell!

Playing with my Lego! I love it - even if I``m 30 - doesn`` t matter - it is meditating and cool!

Alway some artprojects going on - don`` t really know what this will be but still a process!

Soon taking off with this ship! Going to space... see ya!

Growing stuff - never gets boring! Still tomatoes in april from last years plant!

Just creation, colors, paintings and drums!

I like to bring the nature into my house! Why shouldn`` t we be always surrounded by the natural things??? Its beautiful!

Books! I love books to - I don`` t read them - cause I already know whats there!

More Lego! This one is Anna Marijas creation - my roommate!

You need to excercise, a little everyday!

My officedoor!

A house of love, creation, relaxing surroundings, music and energy!

More books in my office! So I can held YOU staying healthy!

It`` s just lovely to have a massage once in a while! Welcome...<3 br="">

How to balance your food? Eat alcalic food, greens...

My homemade medicin - Yeah, I``m a witch too!

The theory of the 5 elements

How and why you get ill, worse - and then healthy??? !

Yeah, The human body fascinates me a lot!

More books - about food, veggies, spices! I love it!

Superfood, my favorite

The livingroom, or playroom - what ever you like!

I``m gonna create a new world - thats my only mission - simply just by doing what I love to do! :)

The flower of life - made by Tuva


Legg til bildetekst

Huge timian! Wonderful - growing high speed

I``m so proud of my april tomatoes! :) They are super sweet and tasty!

Basilikum -

Playing guitar now and then - soon I will have a recorder - and can share my music to you! Looking forward to it!

Seeds - ready to take off!

I make food all the time! I love to experiment - it`` s my art, it`` s my life and my dream - to give you pure, organic and tasty food!'   

Yeah guys, that was a little detour in my house - there is a lot more going on in my life right now, wich I will share with you as the time goes by! but for NOW, cause that is really the only thing we have, Right NOW - I just want to create, I just want to be in my own power - and my energy is rising everyday - I``m getting more and more what I really am! And when people say to me "you can`` t change the world" I will answer YES I CAN and I know it and I will Do it!

So for you - I can`` t change YOU, you have to do the changes yourself - I can only inspire you to do the nescesarry changes :) You know the mothership has turned, and all the creatures on the ship has to turn too! :)
Good luck!

Walk in peace and harmony - and do what you love the most!

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