tirsdag 7. juni 2011

Give the sun back to the people!

Last Thursday was the first time the sun showed up, after 3 weeks of rain, snow and wind. It was crazy how quick I could feel the energy coming back into my body. I just felt like running around and scream out loud. I didn`t... but I had a really good time this weekend, with my family, at my friends wedding and hanging out in the middle of Karl Johan with the hammockman himself!
Last weekend I  went to this quite nice summerskiresort called Folgefonna. I have a seasonpass over there, and it`t only two hours from home. The weather wasn`t the best, but we were actually riding powder in the very end of may. I don`t wanna ask for more...
Well, I think I let the pictures tell the rest of the story - here we go!


No visibility, but still powder! :)

Somewhere over the rainbow... there will be sun???

good to meet some new friends along the road!



Not unusual to see

The joker


Once we were kids...But we still are sometimes!

Like a worm

My dad explains "Ridderspillet"

Clouds are still hiding Gaustadtoppen

C the sun?

Chillin`Karl Johan

Helen Elisabeth og Jørgens bryllup! Flotte greier! Visste ikke at det fantes så fine områder rett utenfor Oslo!


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