fredag 20. mai 2011

Keep it natural, raw and real!

I started blogging because my mum wanted me to, a couple of years ago. Because I travel a lot, and when I travel I forget to pick up my phone and call back home.(I guess they just wanted to know if I were alive or something). So, in the beginning I just wrote about my trips and happenings.... But, I actually like writing, and I like taking photos. Which means blogging is kind of perfect. Anyway, I have a lot of stuf to show you, just give me some time, and I will open up my universe to you, piece by piece.
As some of you might know, I was studying nutrition at Atlantis medisinske høgskole a couple of years ago. It was interesting and fun to dive into the chemistryworld, but after that we had to start counting calories and measure food. I think I just lost the interest, and couldn`t finish my last exam - and a bunch of assignments. I started to read more alternative litterature, and got more into "the pH Miracle", superfood, rawfood, greens, organic food and paleodiet. Yeah, I guess I ended up believing in natural food!

Just to make this clear; I will finish studying next year, I just have to find the motivation and the time. But I have a plan ;)

I have diabetes type 1, (since 8 years ago) and it`s quite challenging to live my kind of life with competitions, traveling, working, studying, training and a strong need to learn everything in life. I hardly have time to sleep. Sometimes I sleep only 3 or 4 hrs. On top of that, I`m a nightperson. I wake up at 11 pm everyday, go to sleep around 02 am and wake up again at 06.30 (unless I have a day off).
The last years I have been trying to be a topathlete, fulltime student and working fulltime or partly fulltime at the same time. It is not possible.
In the picture above you can see my bloodcells 1 year ago. Do you think they look healthy? The white spots in the middle of each cell is sugar, and all other particles swimming around is my "mistakes". My blood is actually not the worst blood seen in a diabetic person, because I eat healthy food with some mistakes, but can you imagine what healthy bloodcells would look like? Do you have it???

Okey, I was not supposed to write about that now... I mean, you should stop me when I talk too much!
I made a cake this evening. A raw cake!
Here comes the recepie:

 (I don`t really like to follow recepies, but sometimes it`s good, because it takes you away from your normal foodhabbits. And who wants to be standing still in old tracks???)


4dl almonds

1TS of canolaoil (rapsolje)
5 fresh dates (dadler)
1krm? nutmegpowder (muskat)
2ts cinnamon
salt (just a little)
1TS of honney

Mix the almonds in a foodprocessor, and add oil, dates, spices and salt. Mix more. Then add honey. Your thing will now act like a piedough!

1-2 apples without peel
1 banana
2 dates (dried of course)
1ts cinnamon

Mix this in the FP and have on top of the dough. then put boats of apple on top! If you want you can haave some coconutflowersugar on top!

This pie is raw, it looks like a pie, it acts like a pie, and it tastes much better than a pie, and it`s probably 100 times more healthy than a "normal" pie. It gives you vitamins and minerals, compared to a normal pie that actually steals vitamins from your body and make you tired! - Yeah, what are you waiting for? The shop to open?? Alright!
I can guarantee you will like this cake, but remember: It still contains sugar, and will affect your bloodglucoselevel. But if you have to eat cake, this is a 100 times better alternative than a proper cake stuffed with sugar, gluten, milk and so on!
My friend, Anne Cecilie turned 33 today, that was the reason for me eating it :)

Just be careful if you choose a blender instead of a foodprocessor. I spilled 1 million almond pieces on my kitchenfloor, and cats don`t eat almonds, so I had to clean it!

And remember; Rawfood is SO hot right now, except that it`s not hot.

Find out more about rawfood here:

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