mandag 11. april 2011

Burton weekend star 9/4 2011

Judges like Fredrik Aaronsen and Wright Hollingsworth. Both on crutches! Good that they can still be useful!
DJ and speaker
Corner @ Horgaletten, middagsholo

I wanna fly so high!

I just realized that it is quite easy to win competitions when your the only girl participating. Got my self some new clothes, a watch, techrider and a bag this weekend! the only price I had to pay was a super sore neck, but that can be fixed with a couple of hours stretching.
I could get through it with doing a couple of airs, but I decided to make it a trainingday. Tried to pull some backflips, underflip, frontflip and frontside 360. It was fun, but hard to "find" the landing - and that is now causing heaps of tensions in my back and neck! Yeah - wish physiotherapists could start doing drop in!

The day after! Still able to jump????
Judges?? Or did they get to old for this shit??
Voss freestylers testing the corner, day after the contest!
Christoffer Gjerde goes big!
Vinjar Slåtten, the day after contest
Good to chill out after springsession!

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