mandag 28. mars 2011

Up north, a new adventure waiting!

North of Norway is amazing!

I have been visiting my aunt and uncle the last couple of days. They have got 4 beautiful kids, that happens to be my cousins. Yesterday we built a snowcave - huge one, and in the afternoon got a lift with a snowmobile in the backyard, and had an epic snowboardrun in sunset. There are so many places I want to snowboard here, so many lines that dives straight into the fjord. Nature is wild and untouched. People are fishing and hunting. Kids are playing outside all day in the biggest playground you can imagine! Picture update when I`m back home.

Today I`m going to Tamok for Arctix FWQ. The heli is ready and we just cross our fingers for bluebird and stabile snowconditions. It`s been snowing pretty hard the last days, so It`s quite dangerous at the moment, but I guess it will be fun anyway!

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