onsdag 23. mars 2011

Taekwon-Do, regnvær, jobb, kurs, smoothie and vinterveko!

Today I had my very first upgrade in Taekwon-Do! I`m now lucky to wear the white belt with a yellow stripe :) Celebrating now with a new smoothie, green, this one too:

1/2 avocado
1 small kiwi
1 squeezed lime
3 prunes to make the touch of sweet
1 ts supergreens
2 dl oatmilk
1 ss oliveoil

Try it!

At the moment I`m a teacher at gjernes school (or kindergarden??? hehe) 6. and 7. grade and a bunch of quiet kids (not). But it`s fun to do something new, and try out some new experiments!
I think kids today should learn to respect their teachers more and start to say nice things to eachother instead of being evil. Peace and love kids! Remember........???

saturday i`m going up north, to participate in Arctix FWQ in Tamok valley. First, a couple of days with my family in Rotsund - really looking forward to it, and then of to do some heliskiing in Tamok. Hopefully will be able to do Norway freeridecup contest in lofoten after. Nice to leave the vossabubble for a while, but have to mention the big adventure it has been to stay here this winter! Good people, amazing snowconditions and Eirik and me arranged this super cool Backcountry Jam at Vinterveko couple of weeks ago.
You should take a look at the pictures here:


and todays video, NRK (about vinterveko) and friflyt tv:




Thank you to all of you that helped us out! Even if I wasn`t participating, I had an amazing day at the mountains!

Talking about the mountain; Been raining pretty hard the last three days. It`s kind of sad to watch all the snow convert into liquid water. I know that most of you guys wish for the spring to come, but I actually love powdersnow, and I wish for more!!!

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