torsdag 3. mars 2011

Nothing as smooth as a smoothie in the morning, then the rest of the day will be smoother than you can imagine!

A part of my new morningrutine is to eatdrink a smoothie. Now, you probably think berries, fruits and yoghurt.... but no. None of it! My smoothie is green. Lightgreen actually, sometimes with a touch of brown, depends on how much energy I want.
This morning startet out with half an hour snoozing. I was amazingly tired. But since my smoothie normally is super tasty and smooth, I finally decided to get up! As I mixed all the ingredients, wich I will come back to in a sec., I realized that it would be a good idea to shut the kitchendoor, so I wouldn`t wake up the crazycat and Eirik, my roommate. And in that very moment, I lifted the mixer and the lightgreen smoothie, with a touch of brown was all over the kitchen, on my clothes, on the floor and so on.....
You know, it was just one of those days, and if you let this kind of things stress you out, the rest of the day will be crap. I startet to laugh, and the cat woke up. i was thinking "OH NO, I have to clean this stuf up real quick!" But it was too late. the cat startet to climb on me, and that actually hurts... And he startet to eat the lightgreen smoothie with a touch of brown from my clothes.

Did you actually belive the last part that I wrote? Then you`re easy to fool... the cat was already awake, and he doesn`t like smoothie.

This is my super energizing smoothie, if you want to try it some time:

1 avocado
2 dl Oatmilk
piece of ginger (fresh)
1-2 Ss Udo`s choice oil
2 ts Purely greens/supergreens or other greens that you prefer
1 squeezed lime or lemon (orange if you want it sweeter, but lime and lemon is more alkalizing)
Fresh parsley, spinach, Koreander and basil
1/2 ss hemp powder
I don`t know your taste, but I normally use different spices or herbs to lift the taste. (cinnamon, cloves(nellik), cardamom)
If you want more energy, add 1/2 SS of raw cocoa-powder, but notice that this is very powerful food, and can be toxic if you overdose. But it actually taste GOOD in a smoothie, and keep you going for hours! - and don`t blame me if you can`t sleep at night!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Anders Ekkje Slettebø3. mars 2011 kl. 20:53

    Hoi! Ganske annerledes enn min. Skal prøves!

  2. kult! hehe! kanskje dette er noe for meg

  3. Ah. glemte å si at det går an å bytte ut en halv avokado med en halv banan. Da blir den litt søtere! Noen ganger har jeg i et par blåbær og... da blir det fin farge!