fredag 26. februar 2010

The Activityweek

The reason why I went home in the middle of the winterseason was that I had to go to the hospital to check my foot. No doctors know whats wrong with it, but it`s probably just a result of tight snowboardboots. Cause in the winter I wear them more than normal shoes! To make a long story short - I came to the hospital just to find out that they had changed the time. So I was supposed to be there at 08.30, they said they had sent me a letter earlier the week. but I never got it. So I was 2 hours late, and therfore I missed my biopsy.
My mum got really angry, so she complained to the hospital, and they luckily fixed me in on wedneysday morning!
Okey, so what do do when you`re stuck in Norway with 2 meters of snow and no hills???? And on top of that - an extreem amount of energy.

Saturday: I was supposed to go cutting woods with my dad, but since it was snowing like crazy, we had to shovel snow instead. The wind was strong too, so it didn`t help much as the snow just came straight back in the driveway.
We decided to go to a jazzkafè on the peer in Tønsberg, wich was really nice. i was the youngest...
Sunday: They didn`t make any tracks for cross country, but me and my dad went out anyway. It was really nice. cold, but still too warm with the downjacket! Met a lot of people and finally got rid of some energy!
Monday: Went to the gym with my mum, and hope she got inspired to do that more often! I like that gym (Pepper sport) cause they have so many different machines! But most of all I like the Indo board, cause the movement is very similar to snowboarding! Later that day I went cross country again. Felt like I was on the Northpole. No tracks, and 1 meter of powdersnow.
Tuesday: I took my mum skiing in Svarstad skiresort, or my mum took me snowboarding. My mum tried her new equipment and was happy with tath I think! the slopes were really flat, but i was just jibbing in the slopes and we had a good time!
Later i went to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes with my brother, but had to leave before finnished, cause my bloodglucose was steady on 27. Not good.
Wednesday: Went back to hospital to talk to the doctor. He said it was nothing wrong, but recommended a surgery. So I going back under the knife again end of may - and are hopefully good to go middle of june!
Later thath they I met Camilla in Oslo, and we went climbing at Klatreverket. That was really fun, and I did front- and backflips off the slackline. First time - so stoked! Had dinner with Inger and Camilla - really nice to see good, old friends again!
Thursday: went back to Cham, good exercise just that, with 60 kilo`s luggage. Yeah - had to pay a lot of money overweight....... sucks.

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  1. 60 kilo!! Tenk at du klarte å drasse meg deg så mye! Det er det bare Charlotte som kan. Hyggelig å se deg i Oslo. Kom snart igjen!