søndag 8. november 2009

A weekend i Chickenfalls (Hønefoss)

Saturday morning I borrowed my aunts car and went to Hønefoss to visit Nina and celebrate her 25 years of crazyness! On my way I met the king of the woods. He wasn`t shy and gave me plenty of time to photograf him. Nina was stresses out and really tired from feeding cows and clean their crap, but we went straight to the senter of chickenfalls, to pick up Guro and all her stash. On our way back, we went for the quickest shopping ever - both food and clothes. I was supposed to go back to the car with all the food while Guro was figuring out wich pants to buy. Signal yellow or whatever it was. Problem was that I couldn`t remember what kind of car it was or the colour. AND I didn`t memorise where we parked it. The bags was also too heavy to walk around the parkinghouse and the carkey didn`t have the lightsignal. (I really wonder when I`m gonna start to pay attention????)
Well, we got back to the farm, and Nina had to take the horses and feed the cows again, so me and Guro made peppers filled with meat and I was putting plenty of garlic and chili in everything!
More guest was arriving - it was actually the weirdest combination of people I`ve ever seen. Ninas sister (who just saved a girls bigtoe) tried to serve us a blue, way too sweet tuttifrutti something drink, but that was overkill for the german guy, so we had to take him home, and then we went out in Hønefoss city! It was very different from all I have ever experienced. The girls were dressing like the boys were hard to get, even if I think they weren`t too hard to get (kind of.....) And the DJ really seemed to LOVE the music he was playing, but he was probably the only one.... We tried to dance, but it felt kind of weird to dance to "sommartidar hej hej...." on the speakers, when you are actually waiting for the snow to come! Outside we grinded on every rail on our way to another pub. Some of us where climbing trees, and others climbed on the walls and windows. The pub was closed, SO we decided to go home and make a togaparty, but Nina`s sister where trying to sleep and the hole partything faded out. Even I felt asleep after drinking tons of cofee.

The day after we watched a couple of VHS-movies, mostly cartoons. It was really nice to be a part of the farmlife and Nina`s crazyness for a while. I already look forward to the next freakshow!

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