onsdag 4. mai 2011

Røldal freeridechallenge from my point of view

Arrived Røldal wednesday evening to ride Røldal open on Thursday. Remember riding "Saudasvingen" some years ago, and surprisingly ended up 2. in womens skiclass. That was my second year in Røldal, and my ticket to ride! I mean - I was also riding there in 2006, my second freeridecompetition ever. But 2007 was the year it all startet for real!
Have some trouble with the lense on my camera, but here we are waiting on the top of the face. Kjersti Foss and Kristina Slinning in front!
My run is done. Something weird happend; the starter gave me 321 GO when I still tried to find the right music on my phone. i like to ride with music, cause it makes me focus better. I told, i wasn`t ready, but I heard GO, and my board startet to ride, with me not ready. I put the phone in my pocket, and that was when I noticed that both of my gloves was in my left hand. Shit. When i finally had everything on place, I was already far down the face, and the board was riding off with me in full speed. I never really had full control.
 I even had a super silly buttcheck in the end, because I stole someoneelses little jump. You see, i came out a small coloir, and missed out a right turn just after. therefor I also missed one of my jumps.
Since all this resulted in a really bad run, and I lost the hole contest, I must say I learned something that day. if you want to ride competitions like this you should not only ride powder the hole season. Not to sound cocky, but I had only 5 days slush. All the other days we had tons of pow pow pow to the pow pow! Hope you understand my ironic sense of humor even if it`s true.  also Hope bettina and Pelle will let me ride next year so I can show you guys! hehe
After a cold night sleep in my 2 seconds tent, i was tired. It is also quite hard to work everyday as a teacher ;) the sun was also super strong, so I had to cover my face with my aunts scarf. (she doesn`t know I have it...)
I want to welcome you to have a look at the hippiecamp.
Real campinglife for me is to bring as much stuff as your car can take. I mean, comfort, toys and healthy food
I even brought my blender to make smoothie. Just can`t live without it!
Finals day 1 passed without camera. But Kjersti made it to the finals day 2, and promised to ride with quilt instead og skipants. That girl is one of a kind, and super hardcore. Taking it all out every evening, to be the first person waking up in the morning - ready to ride!
Winner snowboard women; Mikaela Hollsten! Congrats!
Kjersti didn`t win, but she was superhappy to ride a different line, almost loosing her quilt on the way down. Big up!!!!
Interwieved by Planck films and Fri flyt!
Chickenlegs watching the comp; from left Tanja, Kjersti and Eline! sharing is caring and caring is sharing! Love you!
Happy people to see everywhere!
Marte is happy, because of a great day with great riders and great weather. But who can drive the car back down?? marthe is looking for a driver!
Christen Bryn is a character himself, and gave me a really good laugh the other night, by being stoked on his "cupspeaker". keep it up!
Torbjørn Paulsen and Lars Bystøl. Last mentioned also a part of the hippiecamp!
Like every RFC someone walks out on cruthes, this year no exception. Anne May had a really nasty crash, but luckily no broken bones!

Suddenly we had an odd couple wisiting our camp. can you help me to find out more about these people? Who are they??
Ben 10 was a big hit this weekend. it`s actually Kjersti`s nephews kiddy tent. Always room for visitors ;)
Chilling out after big day!

Turn up the volume!
It doesn`t get more fun than you make it yourself!
My travelling teakitchen
You can not see it, but these boots are soakin`wet - but the best boots ever :) DEELUXE empire
My portable bedroom!
Cavewoman and hippie number 2 in her cave!
Lovely Eline came over to check out the hippies! Maybe she jalous? Maybe she`s a hippie herself??
Prizegiving; Bettina And Peeeeellle!
Cato won a prize, don`t remember, but probably the prize of honour ... maybe? Yeah, but Cato is a great guy :) and as Jarrko would say it; the best skier of the universe!
Women snb; 1st Mikaela Hollsten, 2. Ursula Wohlschlager and KJersti Foss
Men snb podium!
kjøttulf and jiggyjig yogafire on the stage doing... what??
Men ski winner DENNIS RISVOLD GRATULERER and NEIL Willian second and 3rd ? memory not valid.
And last; the norway freeride cup winners Dennis, Kjersti, Anne May, Bård and David! Thank you folks for the best RFC memories ever.... My body is beaten up as normal!

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