torsdag 7. april 2011

Tromsø trip (bokstavelig talt)

Since my mum is from Tromsø, I had to make a trip there -just to see what is going on you know! I didn`t really expect anything at all.
4 happy girls, couldn`t find the perfect parking, spend a lot of time looking for a perfect parking?? Come on.... ended up picking the most expencive. haha parkinghouse!
Alright! next mission??? coffee - anyone?? Marianne took us down to a nice cafè. ehm... next mission? I startet to get really hungry. You see, one or two mentioned something about sushi earlier - and for me... seriously. Sushi is the best food I can get. And Tromsø (don`t remember the name of the place) gave me the best sushi I have ever tasted in my hole life. It melted in my mouth, it was just like a taste of heaven (I think), No way I could share that sushi. Sorry girls, for not sharing. Shit....
On our way back, we went to a huge shoppingmal. Didn`t go inside for some reason. But the sunset.... oh oh oh oh I don`t think I have words beautiful enough to describe what was going on on the sky as we were driving back. You know, the photos.... so small compared. I think.... I have never ever been that stoked in my 28 1/2 year old life. And it didn`t get much better when the milkyway opened up for us later on..... and even a tiny northernlight show from above! I`m seriously in love with my life. Sorry to disappoint you guys... But this trip was... I don`t know... better than LSD (have never tried it).

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