mandag 19. oktober 2009

Another hike in the neighbourhood!

During the last week the cold weather has come to Chamonix, and there is snow on every top in the area. On friday we decided to hike up on the other side of the valley from where we live after we both had been at our Osteopate - Kiki. It was quite steep on the way up, and halfway we met HP and his girlfriend Janicke that had chosen the same hike. Funny to meet people you know just like that.
Since we didn`t bring any food, HP and Janicke was really kind to give me a peace of their sandwich - that saved my day I guess!
After a Quick lunsj (kvikk lunsj eller også kalt snøgg dugul i dalan) Ane and me went the same way back, and as you can see on the picture, we met this cool guys on our way. There were at least 7 goats just in front of us. I`m pretty sure they where wild, cause they didn`t have any bells or other markings. They were posing for us a long time, think we spend like one hour - guess we have hundreds of pictures ;)

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